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Sippy Sidhu Legal LLP Announces Affiliation With Leading Turkish Firm
November 04, 2013

 Sippy Sidhu Legal LLP Announces Affiliation With Leading Turkish Firm

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4 November 2013

Sippy Sidhu Legal LLP , the leading global law firm, has further strengthened the coverage it provides to clients by entering into an exclusive relationship with leading Turkish law firm.  

The move comes in response to growing client interest and activity in Turkey, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. It is also an important step in Sippy Sidhu Legal LLP  efforts to strengthen its global platform and service offerings to serve clients in both developed and emerging markets globally.

"Istanbul is an increasingly important hub for global business. By entering into an exclusive arrangement with one of Istanbul's leading law firms we are underlining our commitment to being able to serve our clients in those markets in which they are growing their businesses, while strengthening our ability to help Turkish clients take advantage of the opportunities beyond their borders,” said Sukhmanpreet singh Sidhu Chairman of Sippy Sidhu Legal LLP

By working in an exclusive consultancy arrangement with the firm Attorney Partnership, clients of Sippy Sidhu Legal LLP will have access to the full-service, international and foreign law advice of the world's leading global law firm and the Turkish law counsel of one of the leading law firms in Turkey.

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